Thursday, September 16, 2010

With autumn...comes apples.

Ever wonder what you look like eating an apple? I did...and the verdict wasn't so pretty.

...But I was left completely satisfied.

I've been on a few weeks mini vacation from school. I start again in about a week...and I'm broke. So, my plans include the following:

...finish this book. I love the way Eric Weiner writes. I highly recommend it and I'm just a little over halfway done.

Keep finding music... thus far I've come mildly obsessed with Beach House. I posted a video of my favorite song, "take care." They are simply amazing. The album is so cohesive, I never want to skip a song... which is rare for me. I have a short attention span.

And to cook! B and I went to the grocery store... I think I may try my hand at helping cook this:
I'm so hungry

I have an overwhelming obsession with bread. No carbs = unhappy Tracy.

The best bread I've ever had ... I went yesterday and bought two loaves. Honey Whole Wheat and Cranberry Flax.. add a little spicy peanut butter, delicious!

I look forward to going out to dinner for one of my favorite meals in Columbus. B and I went to Alana's last night... a real treat! No pictures though, but my food was dreamy. One of the best restaurants in Columbus, hands down.
Check out Alana's

I'm also starting some crafts! I have a few boxes in my garage waiting to be delved in to. Until next time.

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