Thursday, December 9, 2010

Take note:

I haven't completely abandoned ship. This quarter with school was absolute hell. I seemed to get everything done last minute, which isn't the best way to set up for success. Also, I've been doing a lot of thinking. I really don't know what I want this blog to be about. EVERYONE seems to have a blog, and a lot of them do it really well! Well,... I want to do it well too! Since I don't have any followers...enter: my blog. The personal scratch notebook on how I will successfully make this blog: (wait for it)
Awesome (err... legendary?).
I've got some things I have to get done in the next year. Oh baby, yes I do. First, I will be completed with my dietetics program at school in June, and I will study to become a DTR (dietetic technician, registered) and I will probably be back in school after the summer. During that summer, my mind along with my body will wander all sorts of places.

                                                              See this face? This, is a happy lady. This was also in Portland. Did I have a terrifyingly amazing time? Yes, absolutely. I will never forget anything about that trip. Was I unstable? Yeah, slightly. You could say that. I had a few things on my mind but honestly, that's what made the trip so great. I really did learn a lot about myself, and went through a lot of necessary feelings.

Now, fast forward about 9 months. I'm finally getting a decent break from school, and am actually able to relax! So I thought I might pop over to this whole blog thing here, and do a little doodling on my page. I've reached a sense of stability and trust with myself because a lot of things happened. I traveled a ton on my own this year, I met a lot of incredible people, I watched one of my favorite people in the world become so sick and weak, and bounce back like a force shocking more like a gentle lightening bolt, than anything else. I've got Branden, my boyfriend, and he's the bees. He makes me feel like I can do anything, and I know he believes in me and wants me to succeed... creating a lot of happy feelings on my end. He's not only a successful musician, but is also fantastic within his psychotherapy career, an awesome dad to Basher and Newman, and (to make this list short), a great partner. No little details too big for this blog. After all, how much detail do I write to a crowd that is imaginary! Well, this is MY blog, so I'll do as I please.
Things I like:
- food
-making food fun
-making food fun and healthy
-dogs (my dogs especially)
-exercising...but not like a crazy person, no thanks.
-clothes. I like to dress up, and I've got a mini fascination with people and their styles
-music. i may not have the most refined tastes, but I love going to shows.
-the female form. There is literally nothing more beautiful.
-my friends.
-I've got great girlfriends, and there isn't more than a handful of the good ones. They're real good.
-my mama.
-enter: the moms. I have a thing with moms, well, parents in general. I love parents and am close to a lot of them. My best friends mom, Branden's mom, my ex boyfriend from high schools mom (or simply, Nance :) ) Micha's mom (and a fantastic Vegas travel partner) ... Ah, yes. The moms.
-travel. Obvious, no? Where will next year take me you might wonder? I'd simply love to tell you.

-Europe. My fascination since the 6th grade. Hopefully it will be a nonstop adventure through France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, England and perhaps Ireland. I'm not a beach-y girl. I don't want to sit on my vacation and stare out into the water that I'm simply too chicken shit afraid to swim in. To put it lightly: I want to see the world. I want to taste the world. I want to see everything beautiful and not so beautiful. Give me history and show me what is to come. Embrace it, I will try. Become overwhelmed, maybe for just a minute.

I'm also doing baby steps in the kitchen. I've cooked for Branden a few times and it's actually been successful. When he said it was really good and ate the whole plate, well! There's a mini success in there for sure.

Maybe I should also add that I haven't taken any photos lately! A tragedy, truly. Things around me are too beautiful not to photograph but alas, I've momentarily lost my way. I leave for New York on Monday (with no dollars, mind you) so I can photo fo-free.

I feel better. Cheers to a semi fresh start about a blog I still don't know what to do with.