Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Take one.

I'm a blog follower. I love to know what people are thinking, what they're in to, and where their heart and passions take them. Much like my title, I am very into taste buds and travel. This blog will hopefully will be an upchuck of my brain. So, it may be a little messy, all over the place, but it will have all things that I love and care about.

Currently, I love to travel. I am going to Massachusetts this weekend for my dear friend Cori's wedding.

Things I'll be doing: more travel, cooking, getting into some crafts, reading.

This is me. Yes, I am a beer and wine drinker... Red wines and white beers are my current fixations.

I will be fixing one fancy meal a week with this guy: B... he's a damn good cook, and very important to me.

I've got my main squeeze in New York, who I will be seeing before the end of the year. She's been my partner in crime since age 3. Meet: Chloe. This past year she kicked cancer's ass and moved to the Big Apple.

I've got another lady in LA. She's one of the biggest inspirations in my life when it comes to travel and going for it. Micha, my greek firecracker. We went to Vegas this summer together, and sucked at slots.

Others who will be in my future entries, all of the other importants:

Tri-pod. Hannah, my red headed nugget with a fire like no one I've ever met.

sam kim. a crazy talent who provides belly laughs and heart to hearts on the regular.

one of my all time favorite bands... yes concerts. more concerts. all of the time.


Hali and Brooke. Hali and I were next door neighbors growing up, and she is now a successful art gallery manager. Brooke is one hot mama to her 11 month old, Tucker. A stud already.

Christi, Chloe's roomie in NY. She's a catch and a half.

Alicia. An extrememly talented up and coming designer who just finished her internship in NY. She will be my companion for Cori's wedding :-D (I'll save Cori's picture for when she's in her dress... yay!)

Ashley. My sweetheart from work, we will be baking many desserts soon and celebrating her big 2-1 (tomorrow!)


Tim. My dear old friend who I became much closer with over the summer. Visits to see him at school are in the works.

...and finally. I love to eat. Is that clear yet?

A roasted vegetable and goat cheese baguette sandwich in New York. One of my favorite sandwiches...ever. Cafe Orli Bacon, Goat cheese, Onion and Mushroom crepe ;-)

 Strawberry Rhubarb in Portland.

Bacon, Brie and Basil waffle from the Waffle Window in Portland

 Helsner's on Alberta. Huevos Rancheros.

Goat cheese, pear, and arugula sandwich in Portland.
 Rainbow trout with tomato puree and basil pesto from Jake's Grill in Portland. I fell in love with food in Portland. More about Portland and travel to come.

Cheese-less pizza right outside of Powell's books in Portland. Heaven

I think this is my rough first blog entry... that'll do me for now.

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