Thursday, December 9, 2010

Take note:

I haven't completely abandoned ship. This quarter with school was absolute hell. I seemed to get everything done last minute, which isn't the best way to set up for success. Also, I've been doing a lot of thinking. I really don't know what I want this blog to be about. EVERYONE seems to have a blog, and a lot of them do it really well! Well,... I want to do it well too! Since I don't have any followers...enter: my blog. The personal scratch notebook on how I will successfully make this blog: (wait for it)
Awesome (err... legendary?).
I've got some things I have to get done in the next year. Oh baby, yes I do. First, I will be completed with my dietetics program at school in June, and I will study to become a DTR (dietetic technician, registered) and I will probably be back in school after the summer. During that summer, my mind along with my body will wander all sorts of places.

                                                              See this face? This, is a happy lady. This was also in Portland. Did I have a terrifyingly amazing time? Yes, absolutely. I will never forget anything about that trip. Was I unstable? Yeah, slightly. You could say that. I had a few things on my mind but honestly, that's what made the trip so great. I really did learn a lot about myself, and went through a lot of necessary feelings.

Now, fast forward about 9 months. I'm finally getting a decent break from school, and am actually able to relax! So I thought I might pop over to this whole blog thing here, and do a little doodling on my page. I've reached a sense of stability and trust with myself because a lot of things happened. I traveled a ton on my own this year, I met a lot of incredible people, I watched one of my favorite people in the world become so sick and weak, and bounce back like a force shocking more like a gentle lightening bolt, than anything else. I've got Branden, my boyfriend, and he's the bees. He makes me feel like I can do anything, and I know he believes in me and wants me to succeed... creating a lot of happy feelings on my end. He's not only a successful musician, but is also fantastic within his psychotherapy career, an awesome dad to Basher and Newman, and (to make this list short), a great partner. No little details too big for this blog. After all, how much detail do I write to a crowd that is imaginary! Well, this is MY blog, so I'll do as I please.
Things I like:
- food
-making food fun
-making food fun and healthy
-dogs (my dogs especially)
-exercising...but not like a crazy person, no thanks.
-clothes. I like to dress up, and I've got a mini fascination with people and their styles
-music. i may not have the most refined tastes, but I love going to shows.
-the female form. There is literally nothing more beautiful.
-my friends.
-I've got great girlfriends, and there isn't more than a handful of the good ones. They're real good.
-my mama.
-enter: the moms. I have a thing with moms, well, parents in general. I love parents and am close to a lot of them. My best friends mom, Branden's mom, my ex boyfriend from high schools mom (or simply, Nance :) ) Micha's mom (and a fantastic Vegas travel partner) ... Ah, yes. The moms.
-travel. Obvious, no? Where will next year take me you might wonder? I'd simply love to tell you.

-Europe. My fascination since the 6th grade. Hopefully it will be a nonstop adventure through France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, England and perhaps Ireland. I'm not a beach-y girl. I don't want to sit on my vacation and stare out into the water that I'm simply too chicken shit afraid to swim in. To put it lightly: I want to see the world. I want to taste the world. I want to see everything beautiful and not so beautiful. Give me history and show me what is to come. Embrace it, I will try. Become overwhelmed, maybe for just a minute.

I'm also doing baby steps in the kitchen. I've cooked for Branden a few times and it's actually been successful. When he said it was really good and ate the whole plate, well! There's a mini success in there for sure.

Maybe I should also add that I haven't taken any photos lately! A tragedy, truly. Things around me are too beautiful not to photograph but alas, I've momentarily lost my way. I leave for New York on Monday (with no dollars, mind you) so I can photo fo-free.

I feel better. Cheers to a semi fresh start about a blog I still don't know what to do with.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I can't really blame it on the weather...but I will a little bit.

In my leave of absence from blogging (though I do it mainly for myself,... hello two followers ) I've been doing a lot of thinking. No, take that back. I've been dancing around thinking and in a nutshell: driving myself crazy.
 Point #1: I never stop moving. I go all the time. I do things because I "need" to do them. Examples: going to the gym (stay in shape), walking the dogs (don't pee inside the apartment), going to the coffee shop to get work done (didn't I looove to go to coffee shops to relax not too long ago!?)
     I love working out because I feel so great afterwards. But lately it's just been so much of a routine...the bad kind.
     And I love to walk the dogs!! They are so cute, and it gets me going in the morning. Motivating factors to wake up: coffee, happy dogs...and every once in a while I wake up to delicious smells from B in the kitchen:
Good morning heaven.

I'm even at a coffee shop doing school work right now. To be honest, I'm kind of not even enjoying writing this blog because: I haven't done it in a while and I should... and my ethnic grocery store assignment is 80% done and I feel like not finishing it up right now.
 So I've been making some progress. Today I have fully enjoyed my day. Woke up, ate delicious breakfast and read, went to the gym, got ready for the day, walked the dogs, visited my AMAZING grandparents, walked the dogs, got frozen yogurt with my mom (Dear Orange Leaf, I will be a repeat customer. Thanks)...etc.
 Some things that I've thought about:
 - I think this blog could do more good for me than I'm letting it
 - I need to maybe start yoga, or take some classes at the gym
 - I need to visit my grandparents more
 - I need more day time dates with my boyfriend
 - I need a glass of red wine
 - I just need to be.

Week full of treasures:
days like this:

eating at Aladdin's with this cat:
these deviils. I adore them endlessly:

I'm starting new with this blog. Right now.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Today, I'm happy I live in Ohio. There, I said it.

It's not everyday that I feel like I love living in Ohio. But sometimes, a sense of comfort and pride comes over me when I say I'm truly from the midwest. I love having four seasons. Hello, autumn.
I love sitting at my favorite coffee shop, being able to see this:
sitting here:

I can sit here as long as I want, and know I am not bothering anyone. I love feeling safe here. Night and day. These two gentlemen are not only protectors, but the best companions around.

I love being from a town that is centrally located and small (though it is much more posh than it used to be). It's a small town in the heart of a big up and coming city. My most recent treasure found in the city is this place:

Honestly, it's the Big Little Palace. I love this place. Branden and I especially enjoy their brussel sprouts pizza with pancetta and their Avery white beer... mmm..

I love that my best friend came home this week and no matter what city she and I are in, I still get an overwhelming sense of comfort and bliss.
a wine induced kind of love in this picture.

On my nights in, I love cooking with B. He makes me look like a good cook because he is an amazing cook.

I love driving to Appalacia with a car full of this:

I want to take a minute and write some "reviews" about a couple restaurants that Branden and I have recently visited. One: Third & Hollywood
Located: On Third and Hollywood (clever)
Owned by the same people who own Northstar Cafe, well, ta-da: It was simply delicious.
First: beer- I got the Victory Golden Monkey.. so good!

Our nice waitress Carrie was good at selling me that drink.
Second: Appetizer. We split the guacamole and pimento dip plate with fresh tortilla chips
You could tell that both dips were freshly made, and the tortilla chips were fresh and crunchy as well. Branden liked the pimento dip more than me, but it was a stellar appetizer.
Main course: I've been jonesing for a good burger for a while now. Enter: The best burger I've had in years..

(the stuff that looks like a pile of crap is ACTUALLY balsamic onions)
This burger was simply heavenly. It was so juicy and full of flavor. On the side: Roasted peppers with goat cheese... how could that not be perfect?

Overall: A wonderful experience. Everything tasted great and the wait staff was certainly friendly. We are going back again soon.

Another new restaurant...well, chain rather. Jason's Deli aka my new favorite deli.
I made my own sandwich on herb foccacia with smoked turkey, avocado slices, yellow mustard, pesto and basil with pinenuts, tomatoes, spinach, onions and mild peppers.
This chain is amazingly fresh and you can be totally healthy there! Next time I go, I'm definitely
going to hit up their salad bar.

I love nights like this:

Day drives

this snack!!

My most prized possession (okay, it's up there) vintage yellow chair from retag it. I love finding things for apartments and this is my golden ticket/chair. I want this chair forever.

I love old cameras... and one day I hope to have them lined all around my house. So, I love this camera.

this ;-) for all intense love purposes.

la fin.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've been doing so much lately, there's simply too much to catch up on. I will tell you that I am most certainly dabbling in some delicious cooking. I am not about to try and play catch up on here (I'm good at neglecting, sometimes) but I will say... I've been distracted by all things beautiful. And today, a series of photos I love.