Sunday, October 24, 2010

I can't really blame it on the weather...but I will a little bit.

In my leave of absence from blogging (though I do it mainly for myself,... hello two followers ) I've been doing a lot of thinking. No, take that back. I've been dancing around thinking and in a nutshell: driving myself crazy.
 Point #1: I never stop moving. I go all the time. I do things because I "need" to do them. Examples: going to the gym (stay in shape), walking the dogs (don't pee inside the apartment), going to the coffee shop to get work done (didn't I looove to go to coffee shops to relax not too long ago!?)
     I love working out because I feel so great afterwards. But lately it's just been so much of a routine...the bad kind.
     And I love to walk the dogs!! They are so cute, and it gets me going in the morning. Motivating factors to wake up: coffee, happy dogs...and every once in a while I wake up to delicious smells from B in the kitchen:
Good morning heaven.

I'm even at a coffee shop doing school work right now. To be honest, I'm kind of not even enjoying writing this blog because: I haven't done it in a while and I should... and my ethnic grocery store assignment is 80% done and I feel like not finishing it up right now.
 So I've been making some progress. Today I have fully enjoyed my day. Woke up, ate delicious breakfast and read, went to the gym, got ready for the day, walked the dogs, visited my AMAZING grandparents, walked the dogs, got frozen yogurt with my mom (Dear Orange Leaf, I will be a repeat customer. Thanks)...etc.
 Some things that I've thought about:
 - I think this blog could do more good for me than I'm letting it
 - I need to maybe start yoga, or take some classes at the gym
 - I need to visit my grandparents more
 - I need more day time dates with my boyfriend
 - I need a glass of red wine
 - I just need to be.

Week full of treasures:
days like this:

eating at Aladdin's with this cat:
these deviils. I adore them endlessly:

I'm starting new with this blog. Right now.

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